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BliiP Skills Profile – A Revolution in Employment and Educational Assessment

BliiP Employability is the world leader in assessing the skills critical to success in the workplace. Skills that cannot be demonstrated effectively using a CV or at an interview.

Skills Profiles provide evidence of specific skills, competencies and attributes. The Profiles are based on extensive, international research and can be customized for organisations, special job roles, specific skills and industries.

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Identify Critical Skills

Employability Skills include important core skills and personal attributes such as problem solving, communication, digital literacy, leadership, initiative, conflict resolution and the ability to continually learn and adapt to change. Employers are seeking people with these skills and want to see them demonstrated prior to employment.

Create Accurate, Unbiased Profiles

BliiP overcomes the bias of self-reporting by using multi-rater feedback where an individual gains valuable input from people who know them well, such as peers, supervisors, customers, teachers, lecturers and even friends and family to create a more realistic picture of true capabilities.

Whether you are a jobseeker, employer or educator, you can contact us by email to find out how we can help you or your organisation to measure and provide evidence of these critical skills, or TRY IT FREE now.

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